Paintless Dent removal

System dent remover

Every year hail cause considerable damage to the car bodies. It provokes exorbitant repair costs that do not guarantee the protection of the market value of your car.

Ice StoneTo avoid these unpleasant situations has been founded Ice Stone: young and dynamic company with more than thirty professionals including qualified technicians and specialists. Ice Stone s.r.l.s thanks to PDR Taintless Dent Removal) technology is able to repair quickly and economically the damage caused by hail and the small dents, leaving the paint intact.

The PDR Taintless Dent Removal) technology guarantee a lot of benefits because it is based on using mechanical levers and others special equipment that do not need repainting. Your car will keep the original paint , it will not suffer depreciation and its market value will remain unchan-ged. Time for repairs are considerably shorter than a classic repairing made by a coachbuilder… sometimes it takes just a few minutes and costs are significantly reduced up to 50% – 70%. Thanks to our company you will deal with a smile the costs for small dents that are not repaired for laziness and for fear of exorbitant costs. The impact on the environment is zero because for the repair of the car we do not use paint and solvent that pollute the environment and that are toxic to health.

For all these reasons and for any information please contact us. Our technicians are available at domicile to make free estimate and assessment of damage.

Ice Stone