About Us

The company was founded in 2014 by the will of some small entrepreneurs. The main business consist in repairing hail damage from the bodywork of vehicles.

Every year the hail causes significant damage to vehicles. This implies the need of very expensive repairs which, moreover, do not avoid the loss of commercial value of the vehicle.
Our company solves both the problems above, thanks to PDR technology (Paintless Dent Removal), which gives to the vehicle its original state, like new, without using paint or furnaces, saving time and money of the customers.

In addition, this work is made wherever the customer prefer, so there are no costs and risks of damage due to the transportation.

Ice Stone employs more than thirty highly skilled professionals, able to reach quickly the place where the repair is necessary, thanks to an excellent organization, able to solve any administrative, logistical and tax exigence.

Ice Stone gives you competence and reliability, thanks to a staff always up to date and professional.


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